As you hopefully already know, here at The Wedding A-List we love a real wedding feature (and if you haven't discovered them yet then head to the Real Weddings section of the blog pronto!), but when you're planning your own wedding and trying to find the very best local wedding suppliers it's always helpful to have as much information, and as many examples of their work as possible. I want The Wedding A-List blog to be a real treasure trove of information that will help YOU (busy, cool, stylish, modern brides and grooms to be) discover the very best wedding suppliers for YOUR wedding.

For that reason, I'm excited to introduce a new series of blog posts called A-List Suppliers. These posts are more in-depth profiles of some of our very favourite suppliers. They'll give you a great overview of their work and style, introduce you to the people behind the brands and give you all the practical info you need to know if you want to work with them. We've already featured some amazing wedding venues (here and here), bridal brands (here and here) and a great entertainment agency (here!) under this banner, and today I'm thrilled to introduce Carrie Lavers - a brilliant wedding photographer. I hope you enjoy these posts and find them helpful in your wedding planning journey - of course, if you need any help do remember to check out our affordable wedding planning packages which will empower you to plan the wedding of your dreams, without the drama!

Anyway, enough about me, let's talk about Carrie! Based in Winchester, Hampshire, Carrie is a brilliantly creative wedding photographer who takes stylish, atmospheric and contemporary photographs. Her work is natural and storytelling but her use of light adds a gorgeous, moody vibe that we absolutely love.

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you'll make when your planning your wedding. Once the day is over, your photographs will remain and they will shape your memories of your day over the years. It's crucial you find the right photographer whose work you will love looking at over decades to come and who can capture the look and feel of your day in exactly the right way. Carrie's work is natural and unposed. You can see from these images how relaxed the couples are. She captures glimpses, emotions, funny and poignant moments - all the little details you will love the most about your day - as they happen, without direction.

Wedding photography is not just about having a physical record of how everything looked, it's much more about having a tangible reminder of how the day felt and Carrie's images are full of emotion and feeling. However, it's her use of light that distinguishes her work from pure documentary photography. She uses whatever natural light is available in a really creative way to add a touch of magic to every image. Favouring rich, moody tones, Carrie's work is incredibly atmospheric. It's cool and contemporary, but with a real timeless quality.

The other crucial factor when you're choosing your wedding photographer is the photographer themselves. You might love someone's style but every image relies on the relationship between the photographer and their subject. If you're not completely at ease with the person taking your photos, that will be reflected in the final images. Not to mention, on your wedding day itself you will likely spend more time with your photographer than anyone else - including the person you're marrying! Meet your potential photographers for a coffee and get to know them - find someone you can be completely yourself with, even in the midst of wedding day madness!

Ideally, it's always a great idea to have an engagement shoot before the wedding - not only will you have some lovely images, they are the perfect opportunity to really get to know your photographer and get used to being in front of the camera. Carrie's engagement shoot work, some of which is featured below, is every bit as gorgeous and atmospheric as her wedding imagery. (We've also included a few boudoir shots which are stunningly beautiful and such a perfect reminder of a moment in time in your life).

It's clear from these images, and all of Carrie's work, that her couples adore her. They look relaxed and happy in front of the camera - you can tell that they're having fun with her during their portrait shoot, something which can't be underestimated. Not only is she utterly lovely, and ridiculously modest about her talent, Carrie is also a women of great taste! I asked her to send me a few details about herself, and having read them I now want to hang out with her eating pizza and watching Ryan Gosling films! It that sounds like your kinda day then you are definitely going to like Carrie!

Carrie on Carrie -

  • I LOVE weddings! I’m obsessed!

  • I take A LOT of photos… anywhere, everywhere, all the time.

  • I’m obsessed with Ryan Gosling (in The Notebook, obvs & Crazy Stupid Love, obvs. La La Land is now officially my favourite movie of all time. He can now sing and dance!!) & Matthew McConaughey (anytime he’s in a cowboy hat).

  • I used to record every episode of The X-Files and re-watch them constantly. My first love was Mulder and I think I still love him a little bit, alright, a lot.

  • I watch A LOT of TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime - Scandal, The Good Wife, Nashville, Greys Anatomy, Friends, Pretty Little Liars, Big Little Lies, The Affair, 13 Reasons Why, Mozart in the Jungle, Keeping Up With The Kardashians (I’M SORRY).

  • Autumn and Christmas are my favourite times of the year. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest when they bring out Christmas decorations in October, and every year my tree goes up slightly earlier and my husband doesn’t notice. Strictly is my Winter obsession. I have serious depression in January and the only thing that gets me through is the Oscars (I’m obsessed with dresses).

  • Walking is the only exercise I do with our Beagle, Bo. I love a cold, frosty, sunny morning in Autumn (love Autumn colours).

  • I am ¼ Italian but think I am 100% Italian! I would eat pizza and gelato every day if I could! Although at the moment I am all about the hygge and actually think I should have been Danish.

  • I NEED to PLAN! Mostly holidays but parties will suffice.

  • My friends and family are the most important things in the world to me, and most most important is my baby boy Edward who is the cutest, most funny little boy.

Carrie offers one package which is currently priced at £1395. She is based in Hampshire but her package includes travel throughout England and she is happy to travel anywhere. If you love Carrie's work and think she sounds like your kind of girl, then you can find out more about her over on her website or check out more of her work on Instagram.


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