I have the most amazing bridal brand to share with you today! As you know, here at The Wedding A-List we LOVE ethical, sustainable businesses that make a positive difference to the world. But, it's also your wedding day and I absolutely don't think you should have to make compromises either. I'm on a constant quest to find inspiring, creative wedding businesses that create things which are ethical AND beautiful - and I have a great one for you today!

Celia Grace is an American bridal brand with a difference. Owned by Lisa Kaehler, who took over the company from its original founder last year, and with Colleen Bankovich as Head Designer, Celia Grace is a genuinely ethical bridal brand - that doesn't skimp on style.

I absolutely love Lisa's attitude towards the brand and its ethics. She totally understands that cool, modern brides are conscious about their purchases and the impact they have on the world - but want something stylish and beautiful at the same time.

Lisa says - "I could play it safe but it wouldn't be true to myself. I think the company has tried to quietly say 'look at this amazing thing we're doing, isn't that lovely, you are beautiful if you choose to buy Celia Grace.' I want to be a little more direct. To be bold and show women, look at these rebel brides, aren't they cool? Isn't it amazing that they can empower women and look amazing AND have pockets? I don't want to be quiet anymore." A woman after my own heart - I love this so much!

So, what's so special about Celia Grace? Well, first of all their designs are GORGEOUS. Feminine with a fashion edge, youthful and effortlessly cool they are perfect for chilled out modern brides who want to look bridal without looking overly formal or traditional. Clean, simple shapes are combined with gorgeous details to create a really fresh and modern bridal collection that's perfect for cool, stylish weddings. The dresses are light and easy to wear, with boning and cups already sewn in - so you'll look gorgeous and feel comfortable. They really are wedding dresses which have been designed with modern brides in mind. Oh, and most of them have POCKETS! The absolute dream, I know.

What you wouldn't know from looking at these beautiful designs is that they are genuinely fair-trade, ethical and eco-friendly! Celia Grace are all about making a positive change in the world and they do this in a number of brilliant ways.


Celia Grace source and use natural hand-woven fibres as much as possible, to ensure their beautiful dresses are eco-friendly. Many of their designs are made from handmade heirloom silks. These silks are handwoven in Cambodia on traditional wooden looms that don't use electricity. Minimal water or chemicals are used in their production and only safe, non-toxic dyes from renewable sources are used. Using these silks not only reduces the environmental impact of the gowns, but helps to preserve traditional Cambodian weaving techniques.


Celia Grace dresses are fair trade, and are made by a small team of dressmakers in Cambodia and India. I love the fact that when you buy a Celia Grace dress, you get to know exactly who made your dress and learn a little about their life. Celia Grace believe in building a long-term relationship with this small, talented pool of dressmakers so they can really help them to grow. The dressmakers work in local Fair Trade sewing groups where conditions are safe, healthy and empowering - with no harassment, forced labour or child labour. Workers are paid a fair, living wage - with equal pay for men and women - and receive benefits. Buying a Celia Grace dress helps these hard-working and incredibly talented women and men to change the lives of their families and communities for the better.


To further help local communities, for every wedding dress sold Celia Grace donate a school uniform to a child in need in Cambodia through a local nonprofit partner, Tailored for Education.


All pretty amazing, huh? So where can you get your hands on a Celia Grace beauty? The brand is currently stocked by just one boutique in the UK. The Conscious Bride is a brilliant boutique in Macclesfield which stocks the most gorgeous, non-traditional style conscious wedding dresses for cool, modern brides. They are an ethical business who totally share Celia Grace's ethos and only sell dresses from cool, ethical, eco-friendly brands. They really are leading the way in ethical bridal fashion in the UK and are well worth a visit if you're looking for a cool, stylish wedding dress and care about how it's made. The great news is that even if you can't make the trip to Macclesfield, you can still buy a Celia Grace gown from The Conscious Bride! For just £25 (which will be deducted from any dress purchase) you can have up to 3 Celia Grace styles couriered to you to try on at home. Such an easy, convenient way to shop - the dresses even come with clips so you can adjust the fit just like at a boutique appointment! Once you have tried on the dresses they are returned by courier to the boutique and you can follow up with your order.

To find out more about Celia Grace check out their website or follow them on Instagram.

To find out more about The Conscious Bride head to their website or follow them on Instagram.


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