If you're a shoe lover like me, then choosing your wedding day shoes can be one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. It's not without its difficulties though - you want to find an absolutely beautiful pair of shoes that go perfectly with your wedding dress, but it's also crucial that they're comfortable enough to see you through what will inevitably be a very long day! No -one wants to have blisters or aching feet on their wedding day, but I find many traditional 'bridal shoes' just aren't stylish enough for fashion-conscious, modern brides. And for the growing number of vegan brides out there, there's the extra challenge of finding shoes which aren't made from animal products.

That's where luxury British footwear brand Charlotte Mills comes in. Charlotte Mills bridal shoes are not only totally gorgeous, but designed specifically for brides, with a range of styles, heel heights and toe shapes so that every bride can find the perfect, comfy yet cool pair of shoes for her wedding day. And the very exciting news is that the brand have just launched a capsule collection of absolutely beautiful, completely vegan bridal shoes!

Charlotte Mills says of the collection: "It's something we have wanted to do for a long time. We have had brides contact us so many times asking us to offer a vegan style, as they love our shoes but would not wear a leather shoe. There are not many options out there for vegan bridal shoes and they have really struggled to find something they love, which is special, luxurious but most importantly cruelty free. Kim, who is the brand manager at Charlotte Mills and is a vegan herself, has worked with our factory in Spain to source the best synthetic materials. It's still very important for us to offer a luxurious product so quality and aesthetics couldn't be compromised. the final product is beautiful and we are really proud to offer vegan wedding shoes as an alternative to our brides."

Leather Charlotte Mills bridal shoes not only have a leather upper, but they also feature a soft leather sole embossed with the famous rhyme - Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe. In the new vegan collection, the upper and soles are hand-crafted with the finest synthetic materials, with the rhyme still embossed in the sole, keeping them true to the Charlotte Mills brand - you'll even find a real silver sixpence in the left shoe of every pair.

To trial the new range, Charlotte Mills created a bespoke pair of vegan sandals for bride Janine, who had this to say about planning her vegan wedding: "Planning a wedding is such a wonderful experience and so I can't complain, but... finding vegan shoes which aren't boots or a flat sandal is haaaaaarrd! There's just so few options on the market, particularly if you want something special. Given that I'm 5 foot, from Liverpool, a heel is a must! I did think I might just give up at one point but then I found Charlotte Mills and my dreams came true! Her shoes are just perfect with such a sweet poem engraved on the sole. You would never know they weren't real leather - I just can't wait to wear them!"

The first styles in the collection are George Pearl, Meghan and Chloe, with more designs being added in 2019. The shoes are available to pre-order from August 2018, with delivery from September 2018. Prices range from £230 to £260. The Charlotte Mills Vegan Bridal Range is exclusive to





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