CoopCouture - Eco-Friendly Knitted Wedding Dresses for Cool Brides

The British bridal scene is so exciting right now; producing cool, contemporary, boundary-pushing bridal looks. One of the things I love about bridal fashion in 2019 is how many brands are starting to realise the importance of using sustainable fabrics and operating in a socially conscious, eco-friendly way - all of which can be done without compromising on style or quality.

CoopCouture is an amazing new London-based bridal brand who are really leading the way in this - creating totally unique, incredibly cool wedding dresses which are good for the planet too! I first discovered them at Most Curious earlier this year and was delighted to finally meet founder Gracie Cooper the other day - she is such a talent and completely lovely to boot. With a degree in fashion textiles and a background in designing and making evening wear, Gracie launched CoopCouture after making her own wedding dress in December 2017. I'm thrilled to share her debut collection here - this is a brand which is about to take the bridal world by storm...

The first thing you'll notice about CoopCouture dresses is that they're all knitted. Yep, knitted! Totally unlike anything I've seen before, every CoopCouture gown is handcrafted in London (keeping that carbon footprint down) from luxurious knitted silk. Using 100% silk makes the designs feel sumptuously soft and look effortlessly cool. Knitted silk is also naturally breathable and so easy to wear, you'll actually be (whisper it) comfortable!

This is not off-the-peg, mass-produced bridal - buying a dress from CoopCouture is a totally personal experience and Gracie works directly with every bride to create their perfect dress. Whether you prefer a loose, relaxed fit or something a bit more figure-hugging - each dress is made to suit your shape and style. Gracie can also work with you to design a pattern based on the things you love, which is hand-embroidered on to your dress to create something truly personal and unique.

For a truly memorable bridal experience, CoopCouture also offer brides and their bridesmaids the chance to come along to their studio to learn the art of embroidery and have a go at applying their new skill to their own wedding dress - under Gracie's expert watchful eye of course!

As I mentioned, sustainability is at the very heart of CoopCouture's ethos. Silk is highly renewable - it's one of the least toxic materials to produce and of all fabrics has one of the lowest impacts on climate change. Occasionally, they also use Irish linen, a equally sustainable fabric. CoopCouture also have a zero waste policy, so any unused fabric is kept to be used in future projects, and their studio is entirely powered by renewables. And of course, every dress is designed and made to order in London, minimising waste and carbon emissions.

Something lots of brides struggle with is what to do with their wedding dress after the big day - and in their mission to eliminate waste, CoopCouture have absolutely got this covered! They can dye your dress another colour to create a stunning piece of evening wear you can wear again, or if you don't think you'll wear it again they will work with you to turn it into something you can keep and treasure forever - such as mounting your unique embroidery onto canvas to create a stunning work of art. If you prefer to donate your dress, CoopCouture work with local charities who will find the perfect new home for it.

Incredibly beautiful, stylish wedding dresses from a genuinely conscious, eco-friendly brand - this is modern bridalwear for modern brides. If you're looking for a contemporary wedding dress that you'll adore wearing, you must check out this amazing new bridal label.

To find out more about Coop Couture, head to their website and follow them on Instagram.


Dresses - CoopCouture

Photographer - Kat Antos Lewis

Make-Up - Frey De Paoli

Hair - Emma Kim

Model - Emili Ann

Shoes - I Am Florence

Paper Flowers - Pom Pom Factory

Jewellery - Esoteric


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