So, I know it's wrong to have favourites, and I do love everything about weddings, but in all honesty there's nothing I love more than amazing wedding flowers. Fun fact - my first ever Saturday job as a teenager was prepping the flowers in my local florist and I've loved flowers ever since. I'm always in awe of the skill and creativity of florists but in recent years there has been a definite, incredibly exciting shift in the industry. Flowers were once a pretty, if unexciting necessity at weddings - think small, very structured bouquets, roses with diamante pins inexplicably shoved into them (why?!) and traditional centrepieces. All nice enough but, let's be honest, nothing to get your knickers in a twist about. But over the past few years, floristry has really stepped up and taken centre stage in the wedding industry. I cannot get enough of the wild, abundant, artistic, seasonal, bold, style conscious bouquets and arrangements we're seeing in weddings now. Floristry's gone all rock'n'roll and I LOVE it!

One of the industry's coolest leading lights, and an absolute pioneer of bold, oversized, beautiful wedding flowers is Grace &Thorn. Founded by Nik Southern in 2011 in a tiny Dalston studio, Grace & Thorn now have shops in Hackney and Essex, and are creating some of the most stylish, exciting floral arrangements in the country.

These are not your average wedding flowers. Asymmetry, bold design, vivid colours and plenty of foliage are the order of the day at Grace & Thorn, who create wedding arrangements which feel fresh, modern and instantly inject a healthy dose of East London cool to any wedding.

The team at Grace & Thorn LOVE weddings and, despite their industry leading credentials, Grace & Thorn flowers really are available to all weddings - you really don't need the big budget you might expect. What's more, they offer their wedding service nationwide, so whether you're planning a chilled out pub wedding in London or a lavish affair in a castle in the Highlands, Grace & Thorn can bring their floral magic to the party.

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Depending on your budget, and what you're looking for, there are two ways to go when it comes to working with Grace & Thorn. Their bespoke service starts at £1000 and is the perfect choice if you really want to let your creativity run riot. There really are no limits to this service and every creation is completely unique. Working closely with you, the wedding team at Grace & Thorn will design a completely bespoke floral design scheme for your wedding. Whatever kind of wedding you're planning, this is the perfect way to really make a statement with big, bold, beautiful flowers.

From stunning, overflowing bridal bouquets to gorgeously dramatic centrepieces, all the essentials are covered - but why stop there? No request is too outlandish for the Grace & Thorn team so if you really want to make a floral statement they can create architectural floral installations, flower and foliage walls and even monstera leaf chandeliers (LOVE the sound of this!). Let your imagination run wild and the Grace & Thorn team will make it a stunning floral reality.

If this all sounds amazing, but you've got a more modest budget for flowers, then I have VERY exciting news for you. One of the things I love most about Grace & Thorn is their Ready To Wear wedding flower service. Grace & Thorn is a modern florist for modern couples, and they totally understand that not everyone wants to spend thousands on huge floral installations - but that style conscious couples with all sorts of wedding budgets still want to make a cool statement with their flowers. In response to this, they've created a gorgeous Ready To Wear collection which is the perfect solution for cool couples with a fixed floral budget in mind.

The Ready To Wear collection is a pre-designed selection of wedding flowers, with 5 themes to choose from. Ordering couldn't be simpler - just check out the options online and place your order at least 2 days before your wedding. Prices are unbelievably reasonable - table arrangements in jars start at just £8, bridesmaids bouquets start at £15 and bridal bouquets start at £45 - and they even deliver nationwide on the morning of your wedding day! The designs themselves are stunning - this is a budget-friendly option that never compromises on quality. From the beautifully joyful The Future is Bright design, filled with vivid colours, to the super cool Keep it Green design which uses only foliage for a really cool, fresh feel - this really is an amazing way to have design-led, statement wedding flowers without breaking the bank.

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Grace & Thorn are leading the way when it comes to wedding flowers, creating bold arrangements that are as cool as they are beautiful. Making stylish, statement flowers available to every wedding, every budget and every part of the UK, I cannot recommend checking them out enough. And make sure to send me the photos if you do!

To find out more about Grace & Thorn, check out their website or visit them in store in East London or Essex.

Photo Credit - Philippa James Photography

Photo Credit - Miss Gen Photography

Photo Credit - Miss Gen Photography

Photo Credit - Philippa James Photography



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