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For me, food is one of life's great joys. There's nothing I love more than discovering great restaurants and spending hours at a table with friends, wine and delicious food. I'm one of those people who can never resist reading the menu online and choosing what I might order hours before dinner, that's how excited I get about the prospect of a good meal!

Maybe I'm just greedy (very possible), but I truly believe that sharing a wonderful meal with the people you love is one of the very best things in life. Yet for so long food at weddings - the very day when you are surrounded with absolutely everyone you love - has been something of an afterthought. Let's be honest, we've all been to weddings and been distinctly underwhelmed by the uninspiring dinner options - in fact, I bet you've been to wedding where you can't remember what you ate at all.

Antipasti platter


Luckily for food-lovers (/greedy guts) like me, the times they are a-changing. There are some really exciting wedding caterers out there now, who are working with couples to create exciting, personalised menus full of truly delicious food. After all, those unforgettable days in life aren't the ones that just look good in photos - they're the ones that feel amazing. We remember the sounds, the smells and, yes, the tastes that made them so special. And your wedding should absolutely be one of those unforgettable days so it's really worth putting some time and energy into the things that you and your your guests will experience on the day, especially the food.

Celeriac broth, wild mushroom and poached egg

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One of the most exciting wedding caterers I've come across is the wonderful Italian Supper Club. Based in East London, they are all about doing things the Italian way - that means fresh, seasonal food, delicious wine from family-run vineyards and long, lingering candlelit meals. Every menu is bespoke so you can work with the chefs to put together a menu that reflects your tastes and personalities - and will totally wow your guests. Just take a look at these incredible sample menus from previous weddings Italian Supper Club have catered - although be warned, they will make you hungry!

Just reading these menus brings to mind hot summer days with long, luxurious meals in the sunshine, wine flowing, laughter ringing out and platters of fresh, delicious food being passed around. And if that isn't a prefect wedding vibe, I don't know what is!

I asked the team at Italian Supper Club to tell me a little more about the business, and here's what they had to say -

"We founded the Italian Supper Club in 2011. Although we consider ourselves to be true Londoners, we felt there was something missing - that special Italian tradition of long, meandering mealtimes, sipping wine late into the evening and debating the best type of pasta to eat with ragù. We decided to put things right and the Italian Supper Club was born.

Weddings are about sharing your love and joy with your close friends and family. At the Italian Supper Club, we have worked for almost ten years with local venues and suppliers, and we know what it takes to make such an important day even more special: delicious food, warm service and good wine!"

Negroni making

Photo credit - The Curries

Lasagne - an Italian Supper Club classic!

Photo credit - The Curries

Cheese platter

Your wedding breakfast should be a meal you'll never forget. It should be a highlight of your day, not an afterthought. With their emphasis on all the wonderful things in life - great food, wine and conversation - Italian Supper Club have created something truly special. I can't think of anything more perfect than sharing a lavish, lingering Italian feast with everyone I love. If that sounds like your perfect day too then I cannot recommend them enough. Buon appetito!

To find out more about Italian Supper Club head to their website and follow them on Instagram.

Italian Supper Club aren't just wedding caterers, they also run pop-ups and events around London. Find out more here.

All photography supplied by Italian Supper Club.


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