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Mmm cake... Definitely one of the best parts of working in the wedding industry is getting to try a LOT of cake samples. Writing, or indeed reading, about cake does tend to make me hungry though so you may want to grab a cup of tea and a snack before reading today's post!

Wedding cakes have come on a long way since the days of indentikit white fondant icing and rich fruit cake. I for one could not be happier about this and love the creativity and ambitious design that has dominated the wedding cake business for the past few years. However, while it's all very well having a stunning cake that will look great on Instagram, surely it still has to taste nice? The issue some people find with naked or semi-naked cakes is that they can have a tendency to dry out or, occasionally, just not taste of very much at all.

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Well, not any more! Boutique bakery Spooned is creating the most gorgeous, Instagram-friendly wedding and celebration cakes that taste every bit as incredible as they look.

The brains behind Spooned is the very lovely Bethan. A self-taught baker, Bethan took the leap and launched Spooned from her East London kitchen in late 2016. I first met Bethan when we were both just starting out in the wedding industry, at a small wedding venue showcase. At that early stage, I was blown away by the contemporary yet utterly feminine design of her cakes, and their amazing lightness, moistness and depth of really exciting flavours. It was no surprise then, to bump into her again at the recent Most Curious Wedding Fair (London's coolest wedding fair) and learn that her business has grown from strength to strength. I tried another sample that day because, well, cake, and it really was every bit as good as I remembered. Seriously, this girl can bake!

I asked Bethan to tell me a little bit about the philosophy behind Spooned and how they work -

"Spooned specialises in delicious custom wedding cakes to wow on your big day. Based in East London, we work with you to create designs and flavour combinations that are elegant, contemporary, and decidedly 'less ordinary' - perfect for a modern, style-savvy couple. Every cake is made using the finest ingredients, completely from scratch - your Spooned centrepiece will not only look beautiful but taste incredible too."

I absolutely love the emphasis on flavour and quality at Spooned. These might be the cutest cakes you've ever seen, but they're definitely not style over substance. As Bethan says, she makes every cake by hand, from scratch using the very best quality ingredients. Wedding cake orders are bespoke so you can work with Bethan to create a cake with all of your favourite flavours, but you may well decide to choose from her incredibly tempting range of signature flavours -

  • Vanilla Bean

  • Red Velvet

  • Carrot

  • Lemon Curd

  • Elderflower & Lime

  • Triple Chocolate

  • White Chocolate & Raspberry

  • Salted Caramel

  • Peanut Butter Cookie

I mean, oh my God, right? I've tried the Elderflower & Lime and it is a fresh, zesty mouthful of summer and an absolute must-try if you're planning a Spring or Summer wedding. I've also tried Salted Caramel and it was the saltiest, carameliest, most delicious salted caramel cake I've ever tasted - and I've tasted quite a few! In the name of research, I am now on a mission to try the Peanut Butter Cookie - purely for the sake of my clients and readers, of course.

Photo credit - Lisa Castagner Photography

So, yeah, they taste goood. But they also look amazing. Whether you want a semi-naked cake adorned with fruit, flowers and gold leaf, a buttercream drip cake, or a beautiful hand-painted cake - Spooned can make it happen. Want a wedding cake adorned with macarons, or even actual doughnuts? Bethan is your girl. Using gorgeous, contemporary colours and really creative, usually edible decorations, every Spooned cake is a super-cool little piece of art. Bethan is always experimenting with new techniques and her cakes really prove that you can be as creative and have as much fun as you like with your wedding cake.

Combining the very best ingredients and delicious flavour combinations with a brilliant eye for cool, contemporary design, Spooned is the up-and-coming wedding cake brand you need to know about. Bethan is a great baking talent and her designs are a real focal point of any wedding or celebration. Her cakes are genuinely some of the best tasting, and best looking, I've ever tried and I can't recommend her highly enough. A true star of the wedding industry in the making.

To find out more about Spooned, check out their website or their gorgeous Instagram.

To enquire about ordering your wedding cake from Spooned, contact Bethan directly - hello@spooned.london

Photo credit - Lisa Castagner Photography


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