Vintage Accessories for Stylish Brides: Kathryn Duncan meets Never Not Retro's Arianna Recchione

When it comes to styling your wedding bridal outfit (I say outfit as there is so much more than the dress!) it’s the details that matter. After you’ve spent days, weeks or even months choosing the perfect wedding dress that’s going to make you feel spectacular, there’s so much more to think about. Shoes, jewellery, and there’s the question of headwear. Veil or no veil? Floral hair accessories or a vintage hair slide? Or a bridal headband? Personally I’d opt for the latter, every Queen needs her crown…

When it comes to bridal accessories my favourite designer has to be Arianna Recchione, owner and creator of vintage accessories label, Never Not Retro.

Based in New Jersey, USA Arianna handcrafts gorgeous bridal crowns and headbands that would bring any princess bride fantasies to a beautiful reality.

I caught up with Arianna and asked her a few questions about her accessories line and her design inspirations:

Can you describe your design process from point of inspiration to creating your realised accessory?

I allow my design process to be very organic and fluid. I never go “searching” for inspiration—I typically see a small detail somewhere— whether it is a natural element, a vintage accessory that catches my eye, or even photos from the past. I allow said intrigue to be expressed through designing a new piece.

Have you always been creative and interested in jewellery and accessory design?

Always creative! My favourite ‘toy’ when I was little was a book with a pop out paper doll whose outfits you could mix and match. I always thought I wanted to work in styling or fashion marketing until I started casually playing around with millinery design. That is what propelled me into the accessory design world!

Where do you normally look for inspiration from?

I look at lot to past decade trends—right now I am loving the ornate, over-sized statement accessories from the 1990s. I have also always loved my mother’s style. I will draw on photos of her from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s for design inspiration. I’m all for a trend revival (hence my brand name!).

What is it about bridal accessories you particularly enjoy designing and making?

I love bridal design the most! It is romantic, ethereal, decadent. With bridal looks, accessories can absolutely change the whole aesthetic of the bride. An ornate, gold floral headpiece can make a simple dress look regal. I really love the power and weight accessories have in that sense.

It must be such a rewarding feeling seeing a bride wear one of your crowns on her wedding day! How does it feel for you?

It reminds me all over again why I chose the career path I did. It is, hands down, the most satisfying moment as a designer. Everyone knows how important a wedding day is to a woman—so when a bride wears one of my designs is a surreal and indescribable feeling.

What kind of materials do you normally use to produce you’re bridal accessories?

I order specialty organza and silk ribbon from Austria for the base. I then visit the garment district in New York City to acquire various gems and emblems for bridal headpieces.

Can you produce bespoke bridal jewellery/ crowns?

Yes! Custom work is predominantly the bulk of my bridal business.

Are there any A/W18 trends brides should look out for in their accessories?

Always! Bridal accessory trends this year have been very romantic and whimsical. We are seeing a lot of floral comb details as well as shoulder bows. Bridal crowns are also still trending globally. We love a regal bride!

What’s next for Never Not Retro?

We are currently working on a partnership with a Los Angeles brand to design a bespoke earring for their December collection. Stay tuned!

What’s your current favourite piece from your collection?

We are obsessed with the Grecian Double Row Gold Headpiece. It is a statement accessory for a fashion-forward bride!

Shop Arianna’s divine bridal and other accessories on Etsy and follow her on Instagram.


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