Planning a wedding involves making a million and one decisions, but one of the most difficult ones is often what your bridesmaids should wear. Bridesmaids dresses have a pretty bad reputation, and for good reason. Decades of taffeta and shiny satin in nausea-inducing colour palettes have instilled a lifelong fear of being a bridesmaid in many a modern, style-conscious woman. But fear not, because the times they are a-changin'! There have been colossal strides forward in British bridal fashion over the past 10 years, and bridesmaid fashion is finally catching up. At last, your best girls can walk down the aisle with you in outfits that are stylish, cool and flattering.

One of the most exciting names leading the charge in this bridesmaids revolution is the newly launched Woburn X BowenDryden. A design collaboration between Woburn Bridal, a luxury, style focused bridal boutique in Milton Keynes, and haute couture fashion designer Sharon Bowen-Dryden, Woburn X BowenDryden is all about celebrating the empowered spirit of today's modern women.

The aim of the collection was to bring true high-fashion to the modern bridal party and, as you can see, they have totally smashed it. The pieces are all modern, wearable, empowering and incredibly versatile. They're cool, stylish items that your bridesmaids will actually want to wear again.

“I love all sorts of modern bridal fashion, but I meet a lot of brides who just don’t want the same old, generic dress for their bridesmaids,” says Joanna Southwell, the owner of Woburn Bridal who collaborated directly with Bowen-Dryden. “This line is for the bride who wants something stylish and different for her best girls. Something new and empowering that allows her bridesmaids to be creative, look awesome and feel like themselves. It is a true modern take on bridal styling.”

I bumped into the lovely Joanna at the Most Curious Wedding Fair in London recently, where she was officially launching the collection, and I can absolutely vouch for the gorgeous quality and style of every single piece. These are beautifully designed, super fashionable pieces that are special enough for your very best girls to wear on your wedding day but also cool enough that I wanted to buy every single piece just for (very glamorous) everyday wear!

The Woburn X BowenDryden collection is comprised of a series of mix and match trousers and tops (six of each) in a range of fabrics and colours. You can choose to wear them as separates or have them tailored into a jumpsuit, giving you brilliant scope to create a really unique look for your bridesmaids which fits their own personal style.

Made to order from fabrics including delicate handcrafted lace, dramatic crepe and sheer georgette, the pieces can be embellished with incredible details such as embroidered and beadwork motifs, georgette pussybows and chunky metal zips.

You can choose from pale pastels or striking black - or combine pieces from both colour palettes. The whole collection has been designed with real women in mind and the interchangeable pieces can be combined to create looks which suit every body, personality and style. They also work for any style of wedding, from outdoorsy boho chic to edgy urban femme.

Don't settle for bad dresses for your best girls - Woburn X BowenDryden is a genuinely cool, exciting alternative for badass bridesmaids. We LOVE them and we know you will too!

Woburn X BowenDryden is available exclusively at Woburn Bridal in Woburn, Bedfordshire, UK. You can schedule a viewing and consultation (by appointment only) by phoning +44 1525 290658. The collection will be available in Central London over the Spring and early Summer during a series of Pop Up Shops.

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