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You’re engaged! Congratulations! Welcome to what will hopefully be an incredibly happy, fun and exciting period of your life. Before you do anything, make sure to enjoy those first few days (or weeks, or even months…) of your engagement. For most people, it’s a fleeting, temporary stage so try not to rush straight into wedding planning and spend a little time just celebrating and getting used to your newly engaged status.

When you are ready to start planning the big day, it can be really tempting to dive straight into all the fun bits – dreaming of dresses, choosing colours, planning cake tasting sessions. The allure of Pinterest is all too real, but before you get lost in tablescapes and bouquets, here are the 5 crucial things you need to think about when you start planning your wedding.


You might be pinning images of boho barn weddings, but before you set your heart on something it’s really important to sit down with your partner and discuss what both of you expect from a wedding. You might discover that the intimate, registry office wedding in the city you have in mind doesn’t quite match up to the country church wedding they’ve always imagined. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to elope to the beach, but they can’t imagine not having a big, family wedding in a country house. Are there any venues that are particularly meaningful to either of you, or any practicalities that might have to be taken into account (such as relatives who can’t travel far)? It’s so important to have a frank conversation about where you want to get married right at the beginning of wedding so you can begin to create a wedding that you’ll both adore.


You might think you and your partner are on completely the same wavelength, but remember that weddings are often family affairs and you may well have to take a number of opinions into consideration. The earlier you find out anything important about each other’s family, the easier this process will be. Are there any religious traditions you need to incorporate? Perhaps there are family members who will expect to be in the wedding party? Will your traditional in-laws-to-be be utterly horrified by your plans for a totally alternative wedding? That’s not to say you can’t have whatever kind of wedding you want (you definitely should!), just that you can make life a bit easier by having these chats right at the beginning so everyone knows what to expect.

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The big one. It’s not at all romantic, but the fact is weddings cost money and you need to know exactly how much you’ve got to play with. Remember when Monica’s parents spent the wedding fund on the beach house and then she wanted to spend all of Chandler’s savings on the wedding? Yeah, that. It’s crucial that you sit down with your partner right at the beginning and work out your wedding budget. Where is the money going to come from, and how much is there? Are you paying for everything yourselves, and if so, how much can you afford (jointly or individually) to spend? Will either of your parents be contributing, and if so how much? I know it’s awkward even thinking about these conversations but it’s so important to know your financial limits so you don’t get your heart set on things you can’t afford – or let your finances get away from you. A wedding is not a reason to get yourselves – or your parents! – into financial trouble so get on top of them ASAP. Once you have your total budget in mind, break it down so you know what you can afford to spend on each element of your wedding. Our wedding planning packages include brilliant budgeting templates to help you manage your spending so make sure to check them out if you need a hand!


It sounds obvious, but it’s worth discussing when you want to get married. Do you want to get married as soon as possible (which might mean 6 months of quite intense planning – check out The A-List Express if you need a hand!) or do you need to spend a couple of years saving up before you can afford the wedding you really want? Are there any key family dates (holidays, other weddings, babies due) that you need to take into consideration? Do either of you have any professional commitments you need to work around? Maybe you’ve always fancied a Christmas wedding, but your partner can’t imagine not getting married in the summer? Picking a date isn’t always as easy as it sounds so it’s good idea to get started on it as soon as you can.

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Guest lists can take a while to get right, and you definitely don’t have to finalise your list right at the beginning of planning – but it’s wise to at least chat about it before you start planning in earnest. Do you want to have a big wedding with 200 guests, or an intimate affair with just 30? Are you and your partner in agreement about the size of wedding you want to have? Will your budget accommodate it or will you have to scale down your ambition to fit your finances? Will your partner’s 15 cousins all expect invitations and plus ones? Will your parents want to invite all of their friends? You can definitely tweak the guest list later down the line but it’s important to have an idea of numbers from the beginning.

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